About Me

With a career in IT beginning in 2009, I have accumulated extensive experience in various technical roles over the years. Since 2010, I have honed my skills as a full stack developer, software tester, and Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). My journey as an Engineering Manager commenced in 2020, where I have effectively leveraged my technical background to lead teams and deliver high-quality projects. Additionally, I have been a casual drone pilot since 2017 and recently earned my drone pilot certification in 2023, further broadening my expertise and passion for technology.

Berniaga - Tokobagus

I joined Tokobagus in 2012 when classified ads platforms were at war. In 2014, I participated in the merger of Tokobagus and Berniaga by migrating data from the Berniaga platform to the newly branded OLX platform.

Niagahoster - Hostinger

Since its founding in 2013, Niagahoster has been a part of Hostinger International but operated on its own platform. Later on, they decided to use the Hostinger platform, with the migration being finalized in 2023. As an Engineering Manager, I collaborated with the Hostinger Engineering Team while orchestrating the Niagahoster Engineering team to ensure a successful migration.

What I’m good at?

Software Development, ERP Implementation, Platform & Data Migration, Building Engineering Team, People Management, and Drone Pilot

Engineering Management & Leadership Consulting

With vast experience in engineering management, I provide consulting services to enhance team dynamics, optimize workflows, and foster collaboration. I specialize in guiding teams towards productivity and strategic alignment, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, and developing actionable plans aligning engineering efforts with business goals.

Technical Project Management & Data Migration

I excel in technical project management and seamless data migrations, ensuring on-time, within-budget delivery. My expertise includes managing complex data migration projects, implementing integration strategies to streamline operations, and advising on platform development and optimization to improve performance. I focus on enhancing data consistency and scalability.

Platform Development & Process Optimization

Specializing in platform development and process optimization, I provide strategic advice tailored to business needs. I guide the development of scalable digital platforms, identify opportunities for process improvement & automation, implement rigorous testing & quality assurance processes. I optimize platform performance through data-driven insights & continuous improvement.

Collaboration & Strategic Execution

Skilled in orchestrating collaborative efforts and strategic execution, I effectively coordinate internal and external teams to achieve project milestones. By aligning engineering efforts with corporate strategies, mitigate project risks, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. My approach ensures projects are executed efficiently to drive long-term growth.

My Work

With extensive experience in engineering management and technical project oversight, I specialize in transforming teams and processes to drive strategic success. My expertise spans engineering consulting, technical project management, data migration, platform development, and process optimization. Additionally, as a skilled drone pilot, I bring a unique perspective to my work, ensuring innovative solutions and efficient execution across all projects.
e-commerce Experienced


From C2C platform (Tokobagus, OLX) to B2B and B2C (bizzy.co.id, mbiz.co.id, mbizmarket.co.id), I can share my experience and expertise
Building news portal

News Portal

From the very early stages, then initialize the monetization and scalling for traffics. I've been involved in vivanews.com (became viva.co.id), suara.com, sportcorner.id
Other industries

Other Industries

Other industries I've been involved was hosting provider (Niagahoster), Logistic aggregator and software house. I believe your organization can leverage my experience and expertise within those industries.
erp lms sms setup and migration

ERP & Other System

I can help you to setup or migrate your existing system. LMS, ERP (Dolibarr, Odoo), CMS for news portal, School Management, etc.

Contact Me

Interested in any of those above? Need a demo site? Let's have a cup of coffee to discuss Ping me! or Mail me!